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Facet injections deliver powerful anti-inflammatory medication and local anesthetic for the relief of chronic or severe spinal pain. If you have neck or back pain that's affecting your quality of life, board-certified neurosurgeon Mirza Baig, MD, of NeuroCare Partners in The Woodlands, Texas, can help. Dr. Baig and his team use advanced imaging technology to deliver facet injections that relieve back and neck pain caused by facet joint arthritis. Find out how you could benefit from their exceptional skill by calling NeuroCare Partners or using the online booking tool today.

Facet Injections Q&A

What are facet injections?

Facet injections are a potential treatment for common causes of back pain. Your facet joints are at the back of the vertebrae in your spine. They link the vertebrae and allow your spine to bend, controlling the extent and direction of spinal movement.

Conditions like arthritis can cause facet joint pain. A facet injection delivers powerful medications around the joints to relieve pain and inflammation. Around 60% of patients who have facet injections benefit from them, with many experiencing enduring relief.

Facet joint injections can also play a diagnostic role, helping to determine the precise origin of your pain.

What medications do facet injections contain?

The facet joint injections NeuroCare Partners uses contain two medications:


Bupivacaine is a local anesthetic that temporarily numbs the painful part of your back. The effects are usually swift but don't last long.


Betamethasone is a steroid medication. Steroids are potent anti-inflammatories that begin to work after 4-6 hours for some patients but can take up to a week for others. Betamethasone doesn't mask pain but reduces it by tackling chronic inflammation and swelling.

When might I need facet injections?

Facet injections are an effective treatment for facet joint arthritis. Initially, treatment for this condition is likely to involve conservative approaches, including oral pain relief medication and physical therapy. However, these methods don't work for everyone.

After evaluating your symptoms and analyzing the results of any X-rays or other scans, your provider at NeuroCare Partners may decide to offer you a course of facet injections.

What happens when I have a facet injection?

NeuroCare Partners performs facet injections as an outpatient procedure. When you attend for your injection, you lie on your stomach, and your provider cleans the injection site on your back.

They inject a local anesthetic under your skin to reduce any discomfort as the spinal needle goes in. Your provider uses imaging technology to view the needle's progress and ensure it delivers the medication to the right spot.

You may feel sore after the injection, and the injection site might be tender. It's not unusual to find your back pain getting worse for a few days before you start experiencing any improvement.

If you have treatment-resistant back or neck pain due to facet joint arthritis, facet injections could provide you with much-needed symptom relief. Call NeuroCare Partners today or book an appointment online.