Spine Health


Most people are interested in preserving a healthy body free of diseases because it ensures them a comfortable, pain-free life. Because of the importance of the backbone and its impact on human life, it is important to keep it intact. The most important functions of the backbone are discussed in this article, why it is important to ensure that it is healthy and what factors influence its health.

The core of that body is the skeleton, and the core of the skeleton is the spine. This part is considered one of the most important parts of the human body, as it is a main fulcrum in controlling the ability to sit, stand, and walk. The spine is made up of a series of irregular-sized bones called vertebrae, totaling 33 vertebrae, extending from the middle of the base of the skull to the coccyx region. Let's look at one of the most vulnerable and vital parts of the body, the nervous system, the health of the spinal cord and nerves are just as crucial to keep the whole body working, but they are often ignored.

Keeping your spine healthy is so important, why?

The importance of spinal health is due to the fact that it has a direct effect on your overall health and wellness; it is the cornerstone of your ability to move, sleep, and work properly. Everyday activities and movements, such as sitting up straight, leaning over, picking up things, walking, turning, and shifting your body, can become difficult or painful without a healthy spine. When the spine is injured, you could expect reduced mobility and being unable to function normally

Essential functions of the spine:

The spine is a complex, articulated structure supported by powerful postural muscles. The spine's value lies in its ability to empower the human body to move in a flexible manner; locomotion would be impossible without it.  The intervertebral discs and the normal curve of the spine in adults aid in shock absorption, helping us to walk and run without injury.

Other essential functions of the spine include distributing body weight to the lower extremities, maintaining human body strength, and maintaining head, chest, and pelvis balance. Nerves going to and from the spine also play a crucial role in the body's ability to perceive the internal environment and react appropriately: how blood flows around the body, how the body senses and regulates gut activity, breathing, bladder and bowel.

The nervous system uses the spine to transmit electric impulses that produce sensational feelings. Sensory information on your skin, muscles, joints, inner organs such as pressure, touch, cold, heat and pain, all originated in the spine. A damaged spinal cord can disrupt neural responses in certain parts of the body.

Habits to keep a healthy backbone

People should avoid lifting weights that exceed 25% of the body weight, if the item is too heavy for you, don’t attempt to lift yourself. Use the ideal position when lifting weights, stand as close to the object as you can and use your legs and knees as opposed to your back and upper body to lift the item.

A supportive mattress and pillows promoting proper alignment of the spine and neck, allowing the spine to rest properly in a comfortable way. Its better to sleep on your side instead of on your stomach because sleeping on your stomach puts extra pressure on your spine.

the more you stay active the more you contribute to the health of the spine, you should perform an aerobic exercise a minimum of three to four times weekly, go to the gym, swim and walking .Maintaining an active lifestyle can help lower your risk for experiencing low back also helps to promote good joint function and reduce your overall risk for injury.      

Excess weight can strain the lower back due to added stress on the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the spinal area. If you are obese, try to reduce your body fat, diet and exercise are the main ways to maintain a healthy weight. Eat healthy foods rich in calcium.


 Using a mobile phone in the wrong positions is an unhealthy habit that affects the spine of a large number of people nowadays, which leads to severe pain in the spine. Keep your phone at eye or chest level to avoid excessive bending.


Avoid all bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug abuse as they make the immune system weaker. The most important thing for discs is hydration, the majority of your disk is made up of water, make sure you're getting enough water


 Unfortunately, when most people start feeling pain, they rely on painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications, taking pain medication can provide temporary relief or turn off that warning light, but it doesn't treat the underlying issues that can potentially lead to major health crisis within weeks .Regular consultation with a chiropractor is essential, as it may help you to keep your spine strong and healthy, and it also helps in understanding the warning signs with appropriate medications. Regular visits to the joint chiropractic are an easy choice in planning for a healthier, more active lifestyle.


In light of this information, your spine provides support for your whole body, protects your nerves and allows you to move in many different ways. With this importance of the backbone, and its influencing role in human life, it is necessary to maintain its health. The more you know about your spine the better you can care for it.

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